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How to Remove Roman Shades From Their Brackets

Elizabeth Knoll

Roman shades offer many of the same benefits as mini-blinds; however, they add a feeling of sophistication and style to the room. Over time, Roman shades become dusty or damaged. In order to properly clean or replace them, you need to remove them from the window. Brackets hold Roman shades in place over the window.

The brackets allow you to quickly lower the Roman shade from the window without removing any screws.

  1. Lift the Roman shade's hanging portion up to gain access to the head rail, which is the long bar that the shades are supported from.

  2. Hold the head rail in one hand and turn it so the back angles down. If you have cordless Roman shades, you will need to insert a small screwdriver through the bracket, toward the back edge of the head rail, to free the head rail.

  3. Lift the Roman shade's head rail off the brackets and bring it forward. Once the head rail clears the brackets, lower the Roman shades from the window.


On some Roman shades, screws hold the head rail to the brackets. Back out the screws to free the head rail from the brackets.