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How Do I Take Down Kirsch Accordia Blinds?

Lisa Wampler

Kirsch Accordia blinds are manufactured with pleated material secured to a window frame or wall with plastic brackets. The brackets connect to the top and bottom of the headrail at each end. The process for removing Kirsch Accordia blinds remains relatively simple. It will take less time to remove them than it did to install them since you do not have to worry about measuring anything to take them off.

  1. Retract the blind to an upright and closed position as tight against the headrail as you can get it.

  2. Grip the blind at both ends with your hands. Pull the bottom of the headrail out towards you to release the bottom from the bracket.

  3. Slide the headrail towards you and down to remove the headrail from the top of the mounting bracket.

  4. Remove the two screws that secure each of the plastic mounting brackets to the window frame or wall with a Phillips screwdriver.