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How to Remove a Wall Bracket From a JBL CONTROL 28 Loudspeaker

James Clark

The JBL Control 28 is part of the company's pro-series line of loudspeakers for outdoor use. The speaker has a built-in ball-and-socket component for fast adjustments when attached to a metal bracket for wall mounting. This lets you adjust the loudspeaker sound direction to suit outdoor conditions. Removing the wall bracket from the JBL Control 28 takes only a few minutes with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

  1. Turn off the amplifier or receiver that delivers power to your JBL loudspeakers.

  2. Push down on the red and black plastic tabs on the rear of the JBL loudspeaker to release the two speaker wires.

  3. Extract the four slotted screws holding the bracket to the back of the JBL loudspeaker using the Phillips-head screwdriver. Save the hardware in a resealable plastic bag if you decide to reinstall the bracket at a later time.