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How to Fix a GE Washing Machine Dial That Just Spins

Andrew Todd

The dial on your General Electric (GE) washing machine controls is used each time the washer is used, as it not only allows you to select the desired wash cycle but also rotates, advancing the wash cycle. If the dial on the washer just spins and no longer rotates the timer, you may need to replace the handle or the timer, depending on which part has broken.

  1. Unplug the washer from the wall outlet before servicing.

  2. Pull the timer straight out to the "On" position.

  3. Remove the timer retaining clip, which is between the timer knob and the timer dial, using needle-nosed pliers.

  4. Pry the timer dial off of the front of the control housing using a flat screwdriver.

  5. Remove the screws at the top of the control housing and tilt the front of the housing forward to expose the timer.

  6. Remove the screw securing the green grounding wire to the timer and remove the grounding wire.

  7. Squeeze the tabs on the sides of the timer wire connector and pull the wire connector off the timer.

  8. Remove the mounting screws securing the timer to the control housing and remove the timer.

  9. Align the new timer and secure it using the mounting screws.

  10. Reconnect both the wire connector and the ground wire to the timer.

  11. Close the control housing and secure it using the screws that were removed from the top of the housing.

  12. Replace the dial, aligning the tab with the notch in the timer shaft.

  13. Connect the holding clip to the shaft on the rear of the knob and push the knob onto the shaft to lock it into position.

  14. Rotate the new timer several times to ensure that the knob and dial are properly aligned.

  15. Restore power to the washer.