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How to Replace a Thermal Fuse in an Admiral Capacity Plus Dryer

Andrew Todd

Whirlpool produces Admiral dryers which sell exclusively at The Home Depot. Admiral, like all dryer manufacturers, places a thermal fuse in each dryer it produces. The thermal fuse is designed to detect heat which, if the dryer is too hot, will cut the power to prevent a fire. Unfortunately, thermal fuses can not be reset. You must replace them. Before replacing the fuse, you should test the dryer to determine and fix the source of the blown fuse Otherwise the fuse will more than likely blow again.

Replace a Thermal Fuse in an Admiral Capacity Plus Dryer
  1. Unplug the dryer and pull the dryer away from the wall.

  2. Disconnect the dryer vent from the dryer. Remove the hex-screws securing the back panel in place. Remove the back panel.

  3. Locate the thermal fuse which is above the heating element on the right-side of the dryer.

  4. Remove the jumper cable connecting the thermal fuse to the thermostat.

  5. Remove the mounting screw on the thermal fuse. Remove the fuse from the slot.

  6. Remove the wire from the back of the old fuse.

  7. Insert the new fuse into the fuse slot. Secure using the mounting screw.

  8. Reconnect the fuse wire and jumper wire to the new fuse.

  9. Replace the rear panel of the dryer. Reconnect the dryer vent if necessary and push the dryer back against the wall.

  10. Reconnect the dryer power supply to complete the installation of the new thermal fuse.