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How to Set the Alarm on a Brookstone Atomic Alarm Clock

David Weinberg

Brookstone's atomic alarm clock sets the time of day automatically, but it can't can't set an alarm automatically. Fortunately, setting and activating the alarm on your clock is straightforward. Your clock features two separate alarms, each of which can be set to its own time. You can be awoken by a buzzer or by the radio station of your choice on your Brookstone atomic alarm clock.

Brookstone's atomic alarm clock won't let you get caught napping.
  1. Hold the "MODE" button down for two seconds until the alarm 1 time begins flashing on the display.

  2. Use the "FORWARD" and "BACK" buttons to scroll to the time that you want your alarm to go off. Hold the buttons down to scroll faster. Press the "MODE" button once the correct time is displayed.

  3. Use the "FORWARD" and "BACK" buttons to choose the buzzer or radio station that you want to be played at the specified time. You can select any of the six preset radio stations. Press the "MODE" button.

  4. Repeat steps two and three to set the second alarm if desired.

  5. Slide the "ALARM 1" or "ALARM 2" button on the top of the clock to activate the alarm. If the button is in the up position the alarm is activated.

  6. Slide the "ALARM 1" or "ALARM 2" button into the downward position to deactivate the alarm once it has gone off. Alternately, use the "SNOOZE" button to turn the alarm off for ten minutes.