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How to Turn off the Rotation of a Tray in Advantium

Jon Stefansson

General Electric Advantium ovens combine convection, microwave and special halogen light technology to heat food evenly from core to crust while maintaining the crisping effect of conventional ovens. The turntable-style cooking tray that sits in the center of the oven rotates during cooking so that all sides of the food receive equal treatment. Turning off the rotation lets you cook large items on plates that are too big to turn inside the oven.

  1. Press the "Settings" button on the control panel.

  2. Turn the dial until "Turntable On/Off" appears on the LCD display. Press the dial down.

  3. Spin the dial until "Turntable Off" appears. Press the dial.

  4. Start cooking as normal. The turntable stays off for only five minutes before automatically coming back on. The turntable stays off longer if you start cooking within the time limit.