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How to Reset the Beeping Noise on a Model FAA67P7 Frigidare Air Conditioner

Lisa Wampler

The Frigidaire FAA67P7 air conditioner utilizes an electronic sending unit that monitors the temperature of air around the sending unit. The remote sending unit sends a signal to the air conditioner and the air conditioner runs until the sending unit tells the air conditioner that the area is at the correct temperature. When the air conditioner and the sending unit stop working, the air conditioner will emit a beeping sound to notify you.

  1. Change the batteries in the remote sending unit with two new AAA batteries. The batteries change in the same manner as a television remote control since the sending unit is essentially the remote control for the air conditioner.

  2. Turn off the air conditioner by pressing the "On/Off" button located on the air conditioner's keypad. Once turned off, turn the air conditioner back on by pressing the same button.

  3. Press the "Remote Sensing Start" button on the sending unit. The beeping should cease.