How to Clean Micro Suede

Microsuede, also known as microfiber, is a fabric often used on furniture because of its durability, as well as its stain resistance and water repellent qualities. Microsuede is constructed from thin strands of polyester fiber and often is made to have the appearance of suede or leather. Generally, microsuede is easy to clean with the right cleaning product. Rubbing alcohol and clear alcohol, such as vodka, are excellent for cleaning small spots. For larger cleaning jobs, microfiber cleaning solutions such as Guardsman Afta and American Home K2R Spot Remover are recommended.

  1. Prepare the area to clean on the microsuede object. Brush the soiled area with a carpet brush or toothbrush to remove any small loose particles.

  2. Pour a small amount of cleaning solvent or alcohol onto the sponge or cloth.

  3. Dab the soiled area of the micro suede piece with the dampened cloth or sponge.

  4. Blot the dampened area with a dry cloth until dry to the touch. Allow the spot to air dry.

  5. Inspect the spot after dry. If more cleaning is needed, repeat the process until the stain has been completely removed.


  • The tag instructions must be followed to keep the warranty in tact and ensure the cleaning does not damage the fabric. If no tag is available, test the cleaning process on a piece of fabric that is not visible. Never ever use nail polish remover on microsuede! Soap and water is not generally recommended for cleaning most microsuedes because soaked-in water may leave rings and water spots.