Instructions on Cleaning Cordura

Kallie Johnson

Cordura is a tough and durable fabric made of nylon, polyester or cotton in a variety of weights and blends. Because of its strength and durability, the fabric is used for such items as luggage, backpacks, boots and apparel. The fabric must be properly cleaned when needed.

Cleaning Cordura does not require a special soap, but care should be taken with cumbersome items, such as luggage.


  1. Set the washing machine settings to a regular, cold water cycle.

  2. Add a mild laundry detergent that does not contain chlorine or bleach. Both of these products can discolor the Cordura fabric and break down the fibers, causing rips, tears and holes.

  3. Remove the garment from the washing machine. Air dry the item or dry it on a low heat setting.

Upholstery, Backpacks And Luggage

  1. Pretreat any stains by spraying a laundry-stain remover or dry-cleaning solvent on the stain. Allow it to soak into the fabric for at least an hour.

  2. Combine 8 oz. of warm water with 1 tbsp. of a bleach- and chlorine-free laundry detergent in a spray bottle. Swirl the bottle to mix.

  3. Spray the cleaning solution onto the Cordura item. Use a soft- to medium-bristled cleaning brush to work the cleaning solution into the fabric.

  4. Dampen a soft cloth with cool water. Squeeze to remove excess moisture. Wipe down the item to remove soap residue.

  5. Air dry the Cordura item.