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How to Clean Antique Wicker Furniture

Shelley Marie

Antique wicker furniture is made from woven natural plant fibers such as rattan, reed or bamboo. It's lightweight yet durable, and usually used to make patio furniture. Available in a wide range of styles and shades, wicker is a versatile furniture choice. Proper care is essential to keep your antique furniture looking its best. Keep your antique wicker furniture out of harsh weather conditions and clean it with mild products to bring out its color and natural beauty.

Clean antique wicker furniture regularly to keep it looking its best.
  1. Vacuum the wicker furniture with a brush attachment to remove loose dirt or dust. Make sure to go over all areas of the furniture with the attachment.

  2. Fill a bucket with 1 gallon of warm water. Add 2 tbsp. of mild dish detergent or 1/4 cup of oil soap.

  3. Dip a cloth into the cleaning solution, and wring it out. Wipe the wicker furniture with the cloth to remove any dirt or residue. Rinse the cloth in the bucket when needed.

  4. Dampen a cloth with warm water, and wring it out. Wipe over the furniture to remove any soap residue.

  5. Wipe the furniture with a towel to remove any excess moisture, and allow it to air dry completely in a well-ventilated area.