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Error Messages in Maytag Air Conditioners

Ashley Hay

Maytag air conditioners, manufactured by Fedders, are window units or built-in wall units. The units have a digital display screen that will show an error code if the unit is experiencing a malfunction or in need of maintenance. It is important to understand the error codes to prevent the unit from suffering extreme permanent damage or a fire hazard.


An” E1” error code means that you need to clean the filter. Unplug the Maytag unit and slide the filter up out of the front of the unit. The filter is located behind the vent on the front and has a pull-tab to pull it out from the unit. Wash the filter off with warm soapy water and allow it to air dry. Insert the filter back into the unit once it is dry and plug the unit back in. Hold down the power button until the “E1” error disappears.


If you see an “E2” error code on the display, it means that the coil sensor is sensing a problem with the coil temperature. Unplug the unit and do not sure it until a service technician inspects the unit. The device may overheat if you continue to use it, which can be a fire hazard.


An “E3” error code will usually power off your unit. When you press the power button, the unit may turn on for a few minutes but will usually shut right off. The unit needs to be inspected because an “E3” error is the control board sensor, which means the units main board is malfunctioning and in need of a repair or replacement. The unit will not function until repaired because the control board will not draw power.


The unit uses Freon to operate. When you see an “E4” error, it means the unit is low on Freon. Do not attempt to refill the Freon yourself, you will need to hire a service technician. It is a federal felony to release Freon into the atmosphere, and it can result in injury to yourself and others.