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How to Troubleshoot an Everstar Ice Maker

Owen E. Richason IV

After battling the elements to landscape your yard, you come inside to have a cold drink of water. But when you go to scoop out some ice or dispense it from the refrigerator, the Everstar ice tray is bare. You check the ice tray again to confirm the awful truth: there's no ice. Instead of pulling out the phone book and calling someone to fix your Everstar, you decide to try your handyman skills.

  1. Check the water supply line for leaks or kinks. Start with the obvious and work your way to more elaborate problems. Look for puddles of water under or behind your refrigerator. In addition, straighten any kinks in the water supply line. Also, check the freezer's temperature to see if it is under 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. Examine the Everstar's sensor. Every ice maker has a sensor arm that is raised as it makes ice and dumps it into the ice tray. When the tray is full, the sensor arm raises into a lock position, shutting the ice maker off until enough ice is emptied.

  3. Try to reset your Everstar ice maker. Turn the unit off and wait at least 30 to 60 seconds before turning it back on. Often, this will reset the unit and it will begin to function properly again.

  4. Replace the water filter. Remove the refrigerator's water filter and see if it is clogged or too dirty to filter water. In some models, the ice maker will not manufacture ice when the filter is clogged or bogged-down because water flow is restricted.

  5. Unwedge the dispenser module. If the dispenser becomes clogged, with a foreign object, ice cannot flow from the tray through the dispenser. This can shut off the ice-making cycle because the unit's sensor arm is not able to move.