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Loud Noises From the Water Dispenser of a KitchenAid Refrigerator

Michaele Curtis

Since KitchenAid refrigerator motors have gotten quieter over the years, owners may now hear intermittent noises associated with some of the functions of their units, which may make the appliances seem loud. For instance, the water dispenser requires water to flow into the unit from the water valve and then into the dispenser, which can cause several normal noises to come from your KitchenAid refrigerator.


Your KitchenAid water dispenser receives water from a line out of the unit to the water valve. When the water valve opens and water begins to flow through it, you may hear a buzzing sound coming from the dispenser. This is normal and may last for up to a minute at a time.


Another normal sound from your KitchenAid water dispenser is a clicking or snapping sound. This is due to the opening and closing of the valve, which may occur as you push the dispenser’s button or activate the dispenser’s lever. The sound may also occur when the water stops flowing.


A KithenAid refrigerator may also make rattling noises. Although the rattling can result from items being stored on top of the unit, it also happens as the water and refrigerant flow through the lines to various parts of the unit, including the water dispenser. This sound may occur even when you are not using the water dispenser.

Not Normal

Remember that while your KitchenAid refrigerator may make a number of noises during normal function, sounds that occur for prolonged periods of time or continuously are not normal. Call KitchenAid customer service at (800) 422-1230 to help you troubleshoot the sound in your specific model or refer you to a certified repair technician for repairs. Keep in mind that the limited manufacturer's warranty or extended warranty is voided if you have an unauthorized service technician work on your KitchenAid refrigerator.