How to Fix a Leaking Water Dispenser

Jon Stefansson

The big advantage of a refrigerator water dispenser is access to chilled, filtered water without having to top up and refrigerate a separate water filter jug. Water is vital for good health, so it makes sense to fix your dispenser as soon as you can.

Stay hydrated during exercise and hot weather.

Trapped air in the water pipes is often responsible for water dispenser leaks. You might find buttons and parts are located differently on your specific make and model of refrigerator.

  1. Hold your glass under the dispenser for a few seconds after releasing the sensor arm. A few drips from the nozzle are completely normal. The grille beneath the nozzle is designed to catch and evaporate these occasional drips as they occur.

  2. Take a warm, soapy cloth to the dispenser and remove any drink residue from the sensor arm. Liquid is easily splashed on the mechanism when ice cubes drop into your glass. Over time this residue prevents the sensor arm moving springing back when it's pressed, creating a leak.

  3. Run the dispenser intermittently (five seconds on, five off) into a large container for two minutes. This process purges the pipes of air. You should clear the system whenever you change the water filter or disconnect the water supply. Use the water in the container to water plants. The leak should stop when you're finished.

  4. Check the refrigerator's plumbing for leaks or cracked pipes. Damaged or badly installed water connections inside the refrigerator sometimes cause water leaks. Tighten any loose connections and replace any leaking pipes. Contact a technician if you are unsure how to do this yourself.