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The Water Dispenser on My Frigidaire Refrigerator Is Leaking

Jon Stefansson

Many Frigidaire refrigerators come with a water dispenser built into the front of the fresh food or freezer compartment door that gives the owner instant access to chilled, filtered water at the push of a lever. Several situations can cause the dispenser to leak or spurt water, many of which stem from the water supply and filtration system. Identifying and resolving the problem will help to bring the dispenser back to normal working order.

Trapped Air

Pockets of air inside the water line cause the dispenser nozzle to drip or splutter during use. Run the dispenser into a large container for about 3 minutes so that any trapped air will hiss out the nozzle and escape. You can use the water in the container to water plants. The leak should stop once the air has cleared from the lines.

Incorrectly Installed Filter

The water filter, located in the top right corner of the fresh food compartment, removes minerals from the water supply to provide "crisp" tasting water. Failing to install the filter properly may lead to a leak inside the refrigerator or the dispenser nozzle. Push the end of the filter to eject it from its holder; push it back in until it clicks into place. Repeat the aforementioned purging process after removing the filter.

Low Water Pressure

The water pressure in your home must be between 30 and 100 psi for the dispenser to work correctly. Low water pressure is associated with slow flowing or under-powered faucets; high pressure results in a strong water flow that is often too much for appliances to handle. Contact a plumber to discuss your options if you suspect your water pressure is too high or low.

Kinked Water Line

The water line connects the refrigerator to the household plumbing; a kink, twist or blockage causes a restriction in the water supply and a leak. Move the appliance forward and straighten out any kinks, and ensure the refrigerator does not cause a blockage when you move it back.