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How to Connect Copper Pipe to a Water Meter

Don Davis

Water meters are usually installed by building contractors or water companies. These meters are connected to the building's plumbing through a "water meter coupling." These couplings come in multiple sizes and attach to the building's pipes the same way all other plumbing fittings connect to pipes. They can either be soldered to the copper pipes or they can use one of several types of quick connections. Some quick connections simply push on. Others must be tightened with a wrench.

Water meters are usually installed by the water company or by building contractors.
  1. Close the water service line before connecting the water meter to new, copper house lines. Close the main house water line to prevent back flow.

  2. Examine the meter for arrows or other markings that indicate the direction of water flow.

  3. Install a quick joint water meter coupling in the water meter with a pipe wrench. Tighten the water meter coupling only enough to seal the connection and do not use pipe sealant or Teflon tape.

  4. Shove the copper pipe into the open end of the water meter coupling. Tighten the compression nut on the coupling with an adjustable wrench or an open end wrench.

  5. Reopen the main water service line and check for leaks. Reopen the main house water line.