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How to Troubleshoot Low Water Flow With Kenmore Refrigerators

Jon Stefansson

Filtered tap water from your Kenmore refrigerator is one of the more desirable alternatives to environmentally harmful, overpriced bottled water. In many cases a minor fault -- usually with the water supply line or filter -- is at the root of a low water flow issue. It's easy to fix issues with these parts without paying for a technician or for expensive replacement parts. You might want to perform the work yourself if the refrigerator is outside of its warranty period.

Many modern refrigerators come with a water dispenser.

Step 1

Move the refrigerator forward so you can see the water supply line. Make sure it is straight and not kinked or restricted by nearby appliances or cupboards. Be sure the water valve is completely open; the flow may be restricted if the valve is half-closed. Ensure the line stays straight when you move the refrigerator back.

Step 2

Remove the water filter -- a blockage could be restricting the flow of water. Turn the cartridge located in the right side of the refrigerator compartment counterclockwise a quarter turn and pull down to remove it from the appliance. Insert the substitute cap supplied with the refrigerator in its place to keep the water flowing. Replace the filter if this action improves the flow of water.

Step 3

Run the water dispenser into a large container for approximately three minutes. The flow will splutter and spurt if there is air trapped in the supply line from installation or a filter change. An air pocket causes the flow of water to become irregular.

Step 4

Run the tap nearest to the refrigerator and check the speed of the water; low water pressure could be contributing the water dispenser problems. Water flowing at less than 20 psi is unsuitable for use with a Kenmore water dispenser. Call a plumber to discuss options for increasing your home's water pressure.