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How to Attach a Water Line to a GE Refrigerator

Patrick Nelson

General Electric refrigerators can include drinking water dispensers and also icemakers. These accessories require a water line. Many kitchens have a refrigerator water line hookup on the wall behind the refrigerator. It looks a bit like the hookup for a washing machine, only smaller. If there is an existing water line there, it can be clear plastic tubing or brass and is a bit thicker than the power cable.

Step 1

Find the water access point on the refrigerator. Some fridges have it at the end of tubing outside the compressor compartment cover, and others need the cover to be removed. There will be a plastic cap at the connection; pull this off.

Step 2

Place the compression nut and ferrule onto the plastic tubing. Insert the tubing into the water valve connection on the fridge and tighten the fitting.

Step 3

Clamp the tubing to the clamp on the back of the fridge to secure the tubing.

Step 4

Reattach the access cover.

Step 5

Repeat Step 2 at the wall. Attach the fitting to the wall outlet and open the valve at the wall.

Step 6

Check for leaks, push the refrigerator back to the wall and turn it on. Start the icemaker and discard the first batch of ice to clear any sediment in the line.

Step 7

Run the water dispenser for a few minutes before drinking the water to clear the line.