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How to Disconnect a Water Line From a Kenmore Refrigerator Door

Kenneth Crawford

Disconnecting a water line from a Kenmore refrigerator door depends on the type of connection your unit uses. Older models use a compression nut while newer models use a quick-connect connection.

Step 1

Turn off the water supply valve on the line behind the refrigerator. The T-handle shut-off valve is between the house line and the refrigerator line behind the unit. Turn the handle clockwise to stop the water flow to the refrigerator.

Step 2

Fill a glass with water from the water dispenser in the Kenmore freezer door. Empty the glass and refill it until no more water is dispensing. This drains the majority of the water out of the refrigerator lines.

Step 3

Open the freezer and refrigerator doors, and grab each end of the lower grill with your hands. Pull the lower grill away from the refrigerator, and close both the doors.

Step 4

Place a shallow container under the water line connection below the refrigerator freezer door. This will catch any residual water in the refrigerator line. The connection is near the door edge and will either be a compression nut or a quick-connect fitting.

Step 5

Loosen the compression nut fitting with a wrench, if your Kenmore uses the old compression nut. Once the nut is loose, continue unthreading it with your fingers. Pull the refrigerator water line tube from the door connection. If you have the quick-connect fitting, pull the collar toward the end of the fitting while pulling the water line away from the connector.