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How to Disconnect the Water Line From a Maytag Refrigerator Door

Kenneth Crawford

Before you remove your Maytag refrigerator's doors, or make repairs to the dispenser, you must disconnect the water line from the door. The water line runs under the refrigerator and through the door with a coupling separating the door line from the refrigerator line. The coupling operates much the same way an air compressor or quick-connect coupling does. Disconnecting the water line from a Maytag refrigerator door does require some disassembly of the refrigerator. The coupling is under the refrigerator just behind the lower toe grille panel.

Step 1

Turn the refrigerator water supply valve behind the Maytag refrigerator to the “Off” position. Open up the freezer door and turn the ice maker power switch to the “Off” position. Some Maytag refrigerators have a wire arm that you simply raise to shut off the ice maker.

Step 2

Open both refrigerator doors, and pull the toe grille panel away from the Maytag refrigerator. The toe grille simply unsnaps from the frame of the unit.

Step 3

Insert a flat-head screwdriver into the notch between the inside of the left lower hinge covers and the frame of the refrigerator. Maneuver the screwdriver below the water tube. Press down on the notch with the screwdriver while swinging the hinge cover away from the unit with your free hand.

Step 4

Grab the water line and gently pull the line until you have access to the coupling. The coupling connects the door water line to the water line connecting to the house plumbing. Place a small container under the coupling to catch any residual water in the line.

Step 5

Hold the water tube coming from the Maytag door near the coupling with one hand. Push the collar on the tube coming from under the refrigerator toward the coupling on the end of the refrigerator door tube with your free hand. Pull the coupling away from the collar.

Step 6

Place the collar end over the container to catch any remaining water. The water line is now disconnected, and the doors are ready for removal.