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Disconnecting the Water Line From a Whirlpool Refrigerator Door

Nathan McGinty

Many Whirlpool refrigerators come with water and ice dispensers built into the refrigerator door. These handy fixtures aren't only time saving, but they can also save you money because the refrigerator or freezer door isn't opened as much, conserving the cold air inside. If you ever need to remove the door from a Whirlpool refrigerator with a water dispenser, you'll also need to disconnect the water line.

Step 1

Cut the power for the Whirlpool refrigerator by unplugging it from the outlet. If you cannot reach the outlet, for example, if it is hidden behind the appliance, turn off the power to the refrigerator at the main circuit breaker.

Step 2

Turn off the water supply for the refrigerator. In a typical kitchen setup, the refrigerator water line is tied into the cold water line beneath the kitchen sink. Turn the water supply valve where the refrigerator line connects all the way to the right.

Step 3

Remove the toe kick grille at the bottom of the refrigerator by grasping it with your hands and pulling it toward you.

Step 4

Locate the water supply hose where it connects to the corner of the refrigerator door. The hose is made of flexible rubber and is about 3/8-inch in width.

Step 5

Slide the wide locking collar away from the water line coupling by pulling it backward.

Step 6

Tug on the water line hose until it disconnects from the coupling.