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How to Find a Model Number on an Amana Refrigerator

Dawn Marcotte

Finding the model number on your Amana refrigerator can be vital when repairs or parts are needed, because many parts are model-specific. Model numbers usually appear on a metal plate or sticker affixed to the door of the refrigerator. Several numbers appear on the tag, including the model number, serial number and power rating. The plate is small, so you may need a flashlight and magnifying glass to read the model number.

Image of a woman standing by an open refrigerator.

Step 1

Open the refrigerator door. Look on the left and right wall and on the doorjamb.

Step 2

Remove the lower crisper door if you don't find the tag on the refrigerator door. Look on the wall and in the back for the model tag. Continue to the next step if you don't find the tag.

Step 3

Remove the kick plate at the bottom of the refrigerator. Use a flashlight to determine if the model tag is in this location. Use a flashlight as needed to read the tag.