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How to Troubleshoot a Holmes Air Purifier

Sommer Leigh

Holmes air purifiers are designed to help improve air quality but if yours isn't working properly, you'll need to troubleshoot for issues common to most air purifiers. The two problems you will commonly face with a Holmes air purifier are the unit not operating and decreased air flow. These air purifiers contain either a HEPA or carbon filter, or use both types. Keep filters on hand to replace them regularly; you'll prevent or solve many issues when you regularly replace the air purifier's filters.

  1. Change the filter when the filter life indicator light switches to red. Pull the filter out. Insert the new filter in its place. Press the "Reset" button to reset the filter life indicator light.

  2. Plug the unit into a 120-volt electrical outlet and firmly close the purifier's door if the unit will not operate. Turn the control knob to "On" and select a speed to attempt to turn on the purifier.

  3. Check the air inlets for blockages and clear them if you notice decreased air flow.

  4. Wash the air inlet grill in warm soapy water after removing it from the air purifier if you notice a buildup of dust and dirt, or decreased air flow. Allow it to dry thoroughly before replacing it. Clean the outlet grills with a soft brush if you notice dirt or dust buildup.