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How to Clean the Air Intake Screen of an A.O. Smith ProMax Water Heater

Stacy Morgan

The air intake screen on ProMax water heaters allows proper air circulation within the unit that is vital to efficient operation. Visually inspect the air intake screen periodically to check for lint buildup. Problems with the water heater can indicate a clogged air intake, including a burner that will not remain lit for prolonged periods. The air intake screen does not need to be removed for cleaning.

Dust particles can settle at the base of a water heater, clogging the air intake screen.
  1. Locate the air intake screen at the base of the water tank on the front of the unit. Wipe the screen with a paper towel dampened with water to remove excess dust build-up.

  2. Connect a brush attachment to a vacuum and turn the vacuum on.

  3. Run the vacuum brush back and forth across the air intake screen. Allow the bristles of the brush to slightly penetrate the screen to loosen dust and lint.