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How do I Change the Filter in a Janitrol Pacesetter Gas Furnace?

Kurt Erickson

Maintaining a comfortable environment within your home at the lowest cost possible is a goal of every homeowner. One of the simplest ways to assure the Janitrol Pacesetter furnace works at its optimal level is to change the filter when it becomes dirty. The Janitrol furnace, manufactured by the Goodman company, is designed to use a replaceable filter. The filter packaging is marked with arrows to ensure that the filter points in the direction that the air flows through the furnace.

A key component in keeping a furnace operating efficiently is to change the filter.
  1. Turn off the furnace at the thermostat so it will not start while you perform this task.

  2. Open the filter panel door located on the front side of the furnace near the intake blower. Remove the filter and discard it.

  3. Replace the filter in the filter slot with the same size as the discarded filter. Make sure the arrows printed on the filter point in the direction of the air flow through the furnace. Close the access panel.

  4. Turn the unit back on at the thermostat.