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How to Reset the Filter on a Daewoo Refrigerator

Kenneth Crawford

Although Daewoo is commonly known for its electronics, the company does manufacture a small line of refrigerators. A few models in their line have water and ice dispensers in the door. Unlike a standard refrigerator, the filter mounts directly to the water line instead of inside the refrigerator. However, like most refrigerators that have water dispensers, the filter lights require resetting once you change the filter. Resetting the filter on a Daewoo refrigerator is the same on all their water dispenser models.

Step 1

Press the "Filter Reset" button on the lower left of the control console and hold it until the filter light turns green, if your Daewoo has a "Filter Reset" button

Step 2

Find the “Ice Maker Lock” button on the lower right-side corner of the control panel, if your model does not have the "Filter Reset" button. Locate the “Lock” button on the right of the filter change lights. Both buttons are clearly marked.

Step 3

Press both the “Ice Maker Lock” button and the “Lock” button at the same time and hold them.

Step 4

Allow three seconds to pass, and release the buttons when the filter light changes to green indicating the filter is reset.