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How to Clean a Lumipure Air Cleaner

Emma Lee

The Lumipure air cleaner is designed with an electrostatic filter that attracts particles floating in the air. The slim and uncomplicated design of the air cleaner makes the system easy to use and clean. The filter never needs to be replaced and is easy to recognize because it is the only removable piece in the unit. Cleaning the filter takes only a few minutes. You'll be rewarded with clean and odor-free air.

  1. Locate the latch at the top of the unit. Release and lift the latch that secures the permanent filter inside the unit. Remove the filter from the unit.

  2. Wipe the filter with a clean, damp cloth to remove the gray or black film that collects there. Wipe the filter with a dry cloth to remove any dampness.

  3. Slide the filter back into the slot. The latch will automatically click into place.