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How to Clean The Pump Filter on a GE Front Loading Washing Machine

Patrick Nelson

GE front loading washing machines are controlled by a computer. The wash system senses load size, and adds the right amount of water at the right temperature to save energy and water. Multiple specialty cycles make sure your garments are cleaned exactly how the manufacturer recommends. The washer can even communicate with the dryer to preset dry cycles. One thing it can't do, however, is clean its own filter.

If the machine isn't draining, spinning or agitating, clean the pump filter.
  1. Examine if there's a problem with the filter. If the machine isn't draining, spinning or agitating, the washer pump filter may be clogged, and you should clean the pump filter. Other giveaways that the filter may need cleaning include the washer performing an incomplete cycle, the timer not advancing or the washer just not running

  2. Open the pump access door with a coin. Remove the pump filter by turning it counterclockwise and pulling it out.

  3. Clean the filter with your fingernails, removing all loose debris. Wash the filter under running water until it is clean.

  4. Replace the filter. Insert it back into its housing, turn it clockwise and close the door.