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How to Drain a Reverse Osmosis Water Storage Tank

Meredith Jameson

Reverse osmosis, or RO, systems are a type of water filtration system that moves water through a set of membranes to remove impurities, minerals and contaminants from the water before passing the water through a faucet for use. Reverse osmosis systems use different tanks for the filtration process, and the water storage tank should be cleaned on a regular basis to help ensure proper filtration and function. Draining a reverse osmosis water tank may take some time to perform.

Reverse osmosis systems provide one way to remove impurities from water.
  1. Close the water supply valve. Locate the ball valve on the reverse osmosis storage tank and close it.

  2. Set a large container under the reverse osmosis filter housing and open the faucet on the system.

  3. Allow the tank to drain completely into the container. If desired, unscrew the filter assembly and remove the filter. Rinse clean and dry the filter thoroughly before returning the filter to the unit.

  4. Close the drain valve on the reverse osmosis system and turn the water supply valve back on. Water will begin to enter the tank.

  5. Open the ball valve on the storage tank.