How to Sanitize a Watts Premier

Ashton Daigle

The Watts Premier is an RO (reverse osmosis) water treatment system that connects to your sink and purifies your system by filtering contaminants like arsenic, perchlorate and chromium. Reverse osmosis uses a semi-permeable membrane. As it applies pressure across the membrane, it concentrates contaminants on one side of the membrane, producing crystal clear water on the other. Part of the maintenance on your Watts Premier includes sanitizing it annually.

  1. Turn the "T" on your Watts Premier's adapt-a-valve clockwise until it stops moving; this turns off the water supply.

  2. Open the RO faucet to drain the storage tank into an old container. Close it once you are done.

  3. Disconnect the blue tube from the storage tank's ball valve by by hand. To do this, push in on the tube's collet and slip it out.

  4. Use an eyedropper to add a half teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide or bleach to the blue tube.

  5. Attach the blue tube back to the ball valve by hand. Turn the "T" on the adapt-a-valve to turn the water supply back on.