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How to Attach a Propane Torch to a Twenty Pound Tank

Mariah Elaine

Though you may not need it often, a propane torch is a useful item to keep in your garage or storage shed. Some home uses include: de-icing steps and walkways, thawing frozen pipes, removing weeds, soldering jobs and starting that occasional barn fire. Purchase a propane torch kit from a home improvement store to fit on a standard 20 lb. propane tank. The kits include all the parts for the torch assembly and a connector to attach it to the tank. Some minor assembly is necessary, but connection is simple and by following a few basic steps, you can safely operate the torch to handle a few chores around your property.

Propane Torch Assembly

Conquer several jobs around your property with a propane torch and tank assembly.
  1. Wrap pipe thread tape around the male threads of the hose connector (attached to the propane torch handle), working the tape 3 inches along the threads.

  2. Secure the torch to the hose by fitting the handle connector (attached to one end of the hose) onto the hose connector; tighten it firmly, using the open-end wrench.

  3. Turn the hand wheel (on the torch handle) clockwise to the "off" position.

Attachment to Propane Tank

  1. Ensure that the valve on the propane tank is turned completely off.

  2. Insert the cylinder connector (on the opposite end of the hose) into the hose connector on the propane gas tank and screw it firmly in place with your hand. Use the wrench to make the final turns, but avoid overtightening.

  3. Begin the flow of propane by slowly turning the hand wheel counterclockwise. Light the torch by inserting a long match through one of the slots located on the burner portion of the torch.