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How to Light Bernzomatic Torches

C.L. Rease

Bernzomatic torches are a common tool used for plumbing or removing paint from wood and metal. The majority of Bernzomatic torch heads have a built-in igniter that makes lighting the torch easy.

When the igniter wears out, however, you do not have the ability to replace it, and this can make lighting the torch difficult. Using a lighter or a match to light your Bernzomatic torch is dangerous and is a practice better avoided, as you could receive severe burns.

  1. Inspect the Bernzomatic torch head for signs of damage. If you notice any signs of damage, do not use the torch.

  2. Put on leather gloves.

  3. Push the arm of the striker across the striking plate to ensure that the flint located in the striker creates a spark. Refer to the operating instructions for the striker to determine how to install a new flint if you do not get a spark from the striker.

  4. Hold the striker in one hand and turn the gas valve of the Bernzomatic torch 1/4 turn to start the gas flowing from the torch head.

  5. Push the striker arm to ignite the Bernzomatic torch. It may take a few attempts with the striker to light the torch. Turn off the gas if the torch does not light with five-seconds of you turning on the gas valve and allow the gas to dissipate for 30 to 40-seconds before attempting to light the torch again.

  6. Fully open the gas valve after you have successfully lit the Bernzomatic torch before you use it.

  7. Warning

    Do not use a cigarette lighter or match to light a Bernzomatic torch even if your striker does not work--this could result in severe burns to your hands.