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How to Make a Propane Tiki Torch

Daniel Ames

Making a propane tiki torch requires some of the same basic know-how as changing out a propane tank on a gas grill. Keep safety in mind as you do the job, and you'll soon be able to enjoy the ease of operation and consistency of your propane tiki torch, even in high winds.

Connecting the Propane Tank

Step 1

Start with a full propane tank. Attach a flexible gas line using a threaded coupling with an on/off switch. The length of your gas line depends upon how far from the propane source you plan to place your tiki torch.

Step 2

Assemble your tiki torch base, delivery pipe and tiki torch head at the location you have chosen.

Step 3

Run the gas line to the delivery pipe at the planned location of your tiki torch. Six feet is the standard length of a delivery pipe. Thread the gas line through the delivery pipe, and connect it to a tiki torch head that is threaded onto the top of the pipe.

Step 4

Test your propane tiki torch. Turn on the gas at the propane tank, and light the tiki torch head.

Step 5

Once you have confirmed that the torch is functioning properly, double-check the stability of your tiki torch base to be sure it will remain standing even in high winds.