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How to Lubricate a Roof Vent Turbine

Bob White

The modern home uses the principals of a ventilated attic space to remove moisture and to balance the temperatures with the outdoors. The hot air in the attic naturally rises out the roof vents, and fresh air is drawn in through the bottom soffit vents. A turbine vent can be installed in place of the top vents to increase the airflow through the attic. A turbine vent periodically needs lubrication to reduce the squeaking noise because they uses bearings to rotate.

Step 1

Set up the ladder against the edge of the roof. The ladder needs to extend 3 feet beyond the roof edge and have an angle of about 75 degrees.

Step 2

Climb up the ladder and make your way up the roof to the turbine vent.

Step 3

Apply white silicone spray lubricant, in several locations around the turbine vent, where it rotates on its base.