How to Fill a Bernzomatic Butane Lighter

Jonathan Shaffer

Bernzomatic makes utility lighters for home use. These lighters burn butane to produce a powerful flame like a small torch. They are wind resistant and have a long flexible neck, making them useful for lighting grills, candles and bonfires.

Butane torches produce a high intensity, wind-resistant flame.

After multiple uses, the butane in the lighter will run out and need to be refilled. The refill process only take a few minutes and can be done at home.

  1. Hold the Bernzomatic lighter up so you can see the butane input on the bottom of the handle. This input valve is made of brass and has a small stem in the center. When depressed, the stem will open the valve to allow butane to flow in and out of the lighter.

  2. Press the small valve stem inside the butane input with a small flat-head screwdriver. This will release any excess gas that has built up in the Bernzomatic.

  3. Slide the flame adjustment lever on the side of the Bernzomatic's handle all the way to the left. This will limit the flow of butane through the lighter as you are refilling it. Some butane lighters use a small Phillips head screw to change the size of the flame. Bernzomatic lighters, however, place an easy-to-adjust lever on the handle of the lighter so flame adjustment can be made without the use of any tools.

  4. Holding the Bernzomatic upside down, press the tip of the refill cylinder into the Bernzomatic input valve. Butane will flow from the refill cylinder into the Bernzomatic's butane reservoir.

  5. Allow 10 seconds for the lighter to fill. As the butane leaves the cylinder, it becomes cold. Allow the butane in the lighter to warm to room temperature before using the lighter.