How to Remove a Stuck Compression Ferrule

Carl Pruit

Removing a stuck compression ferrule is necessary when you are having to replace the ferrule. The compression ferrule is also known as a compression fitting and is often attached to water pipes with a piping glue or solder, which can cause the fitting to get stuck when you need it removed. You can remove a stuck compression ferrule in about a half hour with some basic tools, saving yourself some time and money.

Step 1

Turn off the water supply to the home at the water main shut-off valve next to the street before attempting to remove the stuck compression ferrule.

Step 2

Drain the water out of the water pipe by flushing the toilet to which the shut-off valve is connected and let the valve empty out. Place an empty bucket under the shut-off valve and remove the hose from the threaded end of the shut-off valve.

Step 3

Remove the interior shut-off valve with an adjustable wrench by turning the wrench counterclockwise on the nut in the back of the valve. Take the valve off the pipe and let any excess water drain into the empty bucket.

Step 4

Hold onto the compression ferrule with a pair of pliers and heat the back of the ferrule with a small propane torch until you feel the fitting working loose. Pull the ferrule off the pipe when it is loose and turn off the torch.