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How to Use a Pipe Extractor

Elizabeth Knoll

If doing that plumbing remodeling project isn't tough enough for you, throw a broken-off piece of pipe into the mix, and you could be heading for a real headache of a problem. If the piece of pipe breaks off in the fitting, it may not be long enough to attach a wrench to it. This makes it near impossible to remove with regular tools. Pipe-extractor kits solve this problem and allow you to quickly remove pipes that are broken off inside fittings.

  1. Insert the proper-sized pipe extractor into the piece of broken pipe. Look at the label on each extractor to see which one is needed.

  2. Slide your pipe wrench over the end of the pipe extractor.

  3. Turn the pipe wrench counterclockwise to unscrew the broken pipe from the fitting.

  4. Remove the pipe extractor from the piece of broken pipe and put the extractor away for future use.