How to Remove Markings From a PVC Pipe

C.L. Rease

You can use different methods to remove the ink printed markings on the surface of a PVC pipe. Most methods use harsh chemicals and cleaners like acetone and mineral spirits to break down the ink. No single chemical or cleaner removes all types of ink printed markings from PVC pipe, and all types release harmful vapors that irritate your skin, eyes and lungs. Sanding is a method of removing manufacturer printing that does not involve chemicals or cleaners and creates a proper bonding surface for paint, if you intend to paint the PVC pipe.

Fine-grit sanding pads used to sand wood, remove markings from PVC pipe without damaging the pipe's surface.
  1. Set the pre-cut PVC pipe on the worktable.

  2. Press the fine-grit sanding pad onto the surface of the PVC pipe. While holding the PVC pipe with one hand, run the fine-grit sanding pad lightly along the pipe. Continue sanding the surface of the pipe until the printed markings are no longer visible. If you are painting the PVC pipe, sand the entire surface.

  3. Wipe the sanded PVC pipe with a clean rag to remove the dust created while sanding. Inspect the surface of the pipe to ensure that no traces of the manufacturer markings remain.

  4. Store the cleaned PVC pipe in a place that will not allow dirt to accumulate. Repeat the listed steps for each PVC pipe you need to clean.