How to Polish Silver Plating

Silver-plated flatware, serving platters, jewelry, picture frames and other decorative objects are made with a thin layer of silver on top of a base metal. As time passes the lustrous sheen will become dull or tarnished due to usage and oxidation and will require polishing.

Pollish silver plate to keep it lustrous.
  1. Wet a sponge with warm water.

  2. Wipe the silver-plated object to remove any surface dirt or oil.

  3. Dip a clean cloth into the silver polish and apply it in a thin film to the silver plating.

  4. Rub the polish into the silver plating using a polishing cloth made for silver. Be gentle. If you are too rigorous you can remove the thin layer of silver plating.

  5. Wash the silver-plated item if it is to be used for serving food. Use a small amount of mild dish-washing liquid and warm water to remove any excess silver polish.