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How to Remove Pex Fittings

Kelly Schuler

People get in a hurry when crimping PEX fittings, which leads to some common mistakes. Among the most common mistakes are using scratched or scarred pipe, failing to hold the crimp tool at the proper 90-degree angle and making a crooked cut in the pipe.

The crimp ring removal tool, designed to aid in salvaging costly PEX fitting, is easy to use. Learning how to use the tool takes only minutes, and is well worth the time.

  1. Cut off the bad crimp joint as close to the fitting as possible with a pair of PVC pipe cutters.

  2. Insert the lower jaw of the removal tool into the PEX fitting until the tool’s cutting blade covers the whole ring.

  3. Squeeze the tool’s handles together until you hear a click. The click indicates that it made the cut.

  4. Rotate the fitting 90 degrees and make another cut. Make two more cuts, turning the fitting each time.

  5. Pull the pipe and PEX crimp ring off the fitting by hand; in some cases, you may need to use pliers.

  6. Tip

    Insert the removal tool into the fitting with the cutting blade to the outside.


    Use caution when using the removal tool to avoid finger injuries.