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How to Get a Stuck Washer Hose Off a Faucet

Steven Symes

If you leave your washer’s hoses connected to the faucet spouts for too long, any water leaking at the connection between the hose and faucet can lead to accumulation of deposits or corrosion. Thus, removing the hose from the faucet becomes more difficult than usual. Using certain tools and techniques, you can remove the hose from the faucet, no matter how stuck together the two are. By swapping out your washer’s hoses about every five years, you avoid the connections becoming too hard to remove.

Step 1

Close the valve on the faucet with the stuck hose. Turn the washing machine on for 10 seconds, draining any water left in the water hose into the washing machine. Relieving the water pressure in the hose helps make removing the hose easier.

Step 2

Clamp a pipe wrench to the fitting on the end of the water hose, where it connects to the faucet’s spout. Turn the fitting counterclockwise to unthread the connection from the faucet’s spout.

Step 3

Make cuts on either side of the corroded coupling, using either a hacksaw or a Dremel tool with a cutoff wheel, releasing some pressure in the connection. Clamp the pipe wrench to the fitting again and turn it counterclockwise.

Step 4

Pull apart the washer hose’s fitting, if you still cannot unthread it from the faucet’s spout. Grab either end of the hose’s fitting with pliers and fold it down, peeling the fitting away from the spout. Using a wire brush, clean off any corrosion on the spout opening once you remove the washer hose.