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How to Make a Sprayer Out of a 55-Gallon Tank

Cameron Easey

A 55-gallon tank, such as a rain barrel, is used to collect water. This water can be used for a variety of purposes, such as washing a car or watering flowers, by spraying water from the tank. However, you need a way to get the water out of the tank. This can be done by using a siphon action or by a pump that will force the water out of the tank.

Step 1

Remove the white cap on the threaded opening or “bung” on the top of the tank. Set the cap aside but do not lose it.

Step 2

Attach one end of a garden hose to the threaded opening and the other to a faucet on the outside of the house.

Step 3

Turn on the faucet to begin filling the tank with water. Turn off the faucet and remove the hose from the drum.

Step 4

Insert the hand pump into the threaded opening. Turn the fitting clockwise to secure the hand pump to the tank. Turn the fitting with the adjustable wrench, if necessary.

Step 5

Connect one end of a garden hose to the pump opening. Connect a sprayer attachment to the other end of the hose.

Step 6

Crank the handle to begin pumping the water into the hose. Press the handle on the sprayer attachment to spray the water.