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How to Install the Water Hose on a Frigidaire Electric Steam Dryer

Cecilia Harsch

Your Frigidaire electric steam dryer requires water to operate correctly. The dryer uses the water to create steam during the drying cycle to remove the wrinkles from your clothes. Since the installation instruction and the owner’s manual do not provide instructions on how to provide your dryer with water, you might not install the water hose correctly or at all. As long as you have access to your washing machine’s water supply valve, you can swiftly install the water hose on your dryer.

Step 1

Turn the cold water supply valve off to your washing machine. Disconnect the washer’s water supply hose from the supply valve.

Step 2

Insert a hose washer into the female end of a brass hose wye connector. Connect the wye to the cold water supply valve. Use pliers to tighten the hose wye to the valve.

Step 3

Insert hose washers into the female ends of the washer and dryer water supply lines. Connect the washer supply line to one connector on the wye and the dryer water supply line to the other wye. Tighten both hoses to the connector with pliers.

Step 4

Attach the dryer supply line to the water inlet valve located on the top left side of your Frigidaire electric steam dryer. Tighten the hose to the inlet with pliers.

Step 5

Turn on the cold water supply valve to feed both the washer and dryer.