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How to Fix a Whirlpool Washing Machine That Starts and Then Stops After It Fills With Water

Mario Calhoun

The Whirlpool washer typically pauses momentarily right before the wash cycle begins, but if the wash cycle is interrupted with a delayed pause, the appliance's water inlet hose may be clogged. The water inlet hose supplies hot and cold water to the washer, but if mineral deposits collect on the hose's drain the washer cannot properly detect the appropriate water intake. Cleaning the inlet hose's screen is necessary to remove hard water residue and restore the washer's performance. Continuous pausing indicates a washer error, which requires professional service to troubleshoot the problem.

Clean your Whirlpool washer's inlet hose to fix startup issues.

Step 1

Press "Pause/Cancel" two times and push "Power" to cancel the current cycle. Press "Drain/Spin" and push "Start" to drain the water from the washer.

Step 2

Turn the water dials to the left to temporarily turn off the water supply.

Step 3

Place the pliers' teeth around the inlet hose on the back of the washer and unscrew the inlet hose by turning it to the left.

Step 4

Wash the inlet hose's screen under hot, running water to clear out mineral deposits.

Step 5

Insert the inlet hose back onto the back of the washer and screw the hose's coupling by turning it to the right. The coupling should be securely attached to the washer but not too tight, as this can permanetly damage the inlet hose.

Step 6

Turn the water supply dial to the right to restore water to the washer.