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How to Adjust the PSI on a Husky Pressure Washer

Troy Pankey

Click-N-Clean nozzle technology on Husky electric power washers makes it very easy to adjust the pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure or force you use while pressure washing. As easy as it is to adjust the pressure, it’s just as important to do so whenever necessary so you don’t use more pressure and more water than what is necessary, nor use too little pressure and thus too much time to complete the task.

Step 1

Connect the high pressure hose to the pressure washer. Connect the garden hose to the pressure washer water inlet.

Step 2

Connect the garden hose to a water outlet. Turn on the water, completely opening the valve.

Step 3

Insert the Click-N-Clean pressure washing wand, also known as a lance, into the pressure washer gun by pushing it in firmly while turning it a quarter turn until it locks in place.

Step 4

Plug the GFCI into a (120 volt) electrical outlet. Test and then reset the GFCI plug by pressing each button.

Step 5

Unlock the pressure washer gun safety lock. Squeeze the pressure washer gun trigger until the air in the system and hose escapes and the water starts flowing out of the end of the nozzle.

Step 6

Press the “On” button on the machine. Squeeze the gun trigger and both the electric motor and water flow will start.

Step 7

Stop pressing the pressure washer gun trigger, thus stopping the water flow. Grasp the collar on the Click-N-Clean nozzle and turn it one-third of a full turn left or right to increase or decrease the water pressure.

Step 8

Use the pressure washer setting positions, complete with pictures, at the bottom of the nozzle to adjust the pressure to medium, high or detergent. Press the gun trigger again once the pressure has been adjusted.