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How to Troubleshoot a Maytag Washing Machine That Keeps Spinning

Damon Koch

Maytag has been the standard-bearer for quality in laundry equipment for decades. However, even Maytag washing machines can malfunction and have issues related to their use. If you have a Maytag washing machine that becomes stuck in the spin cycle, which is usually a problem exhibited by front-load models, the reason may be one of several possible causes. Before you spend money on an expensive service call by an appliance repair technician, you can troubleshoot the problem and possibly find an easy solution.

Step 1

Wash loads that consist of a moderate to high number of items. The Maytag front-load models are designed to work best with these types of loads. If a load with very few items is washed, when the machine enters the spin cycle, it will try to balance the load and will not be able to. It will then stay in the spin cycle for a very long time.

Step 2

Add only the recommended amount of liquid detergent when washing clothes in a Maytag front-load. If you use a powder detergent or more than 1/3 cup of liquid detergent, the soap suds can accumulate in the washer's sump. If this happens, the sensors on the machine will think there is still water to spin out, and it will remain in the spin cycle.

Step 3

Run several full wash cycles with no clothes in the machine and without detergent. This will flush the system of residual detergent and may solve the problem.

Step 4

Call a repair technician if none of the previous steps solved the problem. The washing machine may have a more serious issue.