How to Double-Rinse Cycle Your Clothes

Some washing machines -- especially high-efficiency models -- have an "Extra Rinse" setting, which makes double-rinsing laundry a snap. If your washing machine doesn't have this feature, you can manually rinse your clothes twice by using the main wash cycle dial. Double-rinsing clothing minimizes detergent residue, which can irritate sensitive skin or trigger allergic reactions. A second rinse also helps remove toxins such as pesticides from contaminated clothing, and it flushes away traces of bleach from your washing machine tub.

High-efficiency washers often have a double-rinse setting.

Step 1

Collect a load of laundry that requires a double rinse. Set the machine to the largest load size to maximize water flow.

Step 2

Run the clothing through an ordinary wash-and-rinse cycle with laundry detergent, and wait until the machine shuts off when the cycle is complete.

Step 3

Turn the wash-cycle dial to "Rinse" and start the cycle. The washing machine will complete a partial cycle, rinsing and spinning the load before shutting off again.

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