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How to Reset a GE HydroWave Washer

Andrew Todd

GE HydroWave washing machines are top-loading, residential clothes washers. Unlike traditional top-loading washing machines, GE HydroWave washing machines do not have an agitator. Rather, HydroWave washing machines have an 'infusor' located at the bottom of the washing machine to move clothes from top to bottom, rather that side to side as with an agitator. Any power interruption during the wash cycle will lock the GE HydroWave control panel. Restore function to the control panel by resetting the entire washing machine.

  1. Unplug the washing machine from the wall outlet, or turn off the circuit breaker.

  2. Allow 30 seconds to pass, then turn the dial on the control panel at least 360 degrees to any position other than the "Spin" setting.

  3. Plug the washing machine back into the wall outlet, or turn back on the circuit breaker to reset the machine.