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Why a Bosch Nexxt 500 Washer Won't Drain

Meredith Jameson

Several reasons exist that may cause a washing machine not to drain, some of which are complex or require professional repair, such as a broken clutch, motor coupler or pump. It is best to contact a service technician for help with these issues. However, there are some other possible causes why a washing machine may experience drainage problems that are minor in nature and can be resolved through some troubleshooting efforts. If your Bosch Nexxt 500 fails to drain, there are a few specific steps to follow.

Step 1

Turn off and unplug the Bosch Nexxt 500 washing machine.

Step 2

Place a bucket or towel under the drain hose in the rear of the machine. Disconnect the drain hose and clean the strainer screen inside the hose. Reconnect and tighten the hose.

Step 3

Clean the drain pump in the rear of the machine and remove any foreign objects that may be blocking proper drainage.

Step 4

Place the drain hose no more than 96 inches above the ground. Water can backflow into the washing machine if the drain hose is lifted too high.

Step 5

Clean the drains in other appliances or sinks throughout the home, as most household plumbing is connected and drain problems in one appliance may be linked to drain problems in another.

Step 6

Contact Bosch if the issue persists.